Gekkobrain Insights for SAP

Gekkobrain Insights is built on a proprietary technology specifically developed for SAP, which will improve your SAP performance, save on database and memory usage and minimize CPU time. On top of all this, the Gekkobot finds issues much faster than any human. This means cost savings and happier end users.

Improve SAP Performance

Gekkobrain Insights for SAP analyzes how your code performs in the productive environment, it finds unhealthy dependencies and bad code and either fixes it automatically or advice on how to fix it.

  • See granular SAP performance analysis – down to specific user level

  • See how much unused memory you are paying for

  • Minimize calls to database

  • Minimize CPU load

  • Track multiple interfaces, even how your web applications can be optimized

  • Easy segregation of responsibility (Code / Application / Operation)

SAP Trouble Shooting at Lightening Speed

Gekkobrain Insights for SAP analyzes and monitors all code dependencies, so whenever there’s a performance problem, dumps, HANA issue, or any code quality issue, Insights will show you exactly which custom developed program is causing problems and all programs affected by it. The analysis drills all the way down to code line level, so the developers will know right from the start, what to fix. 

  • Analysis of all where used dependencies

  • Overview of effect on performance or usage

  • Save thousands of hours looking for root causes

  • Actionable insights identify exactly what to fix

  • Fix performance issues instead of expanding servers

Ensure Faster SAP Development Cycle

Gekkobrain Insights for SAP acts as a basis for an agile development process, where developers have instant access to all relevant information about their programs already at time of development; which programs use mine, which programs do I use, how are they performing in production, are there any HANA or performance related issues?

  • Access to all productive information about active transports

  • Access to information about how deployed programs are performing

  • WhereUsed information at the ready

  • Overview of dumps, performance and issues at hand

  • Fast development of new programs of editing of existing

Business Benefits

Following are a few benefits achieved by our customers leading to huge ROI:

  • Savings on development by developing high quality code

  • Savings by reduction in code rework

  • Faster development cycles

  • Faster troubleshooting and root cause analysis

  • Reliable SAP system by reducing runtime errors/dumps and improving performance

  • Continuous Improvement 

  • Faster on-boarding of developers

  • Prioritization of tasks based on business value

  • Savings on hardware by improvements in database operations 

  • Happier users