Gekkobrain FLOWS for SAP

Gekkobrain FLOWS is a process mining tool for SAP customers. It helps you discover how your processes are really running in production. 

With Gekkobrain FLOWS you will be able to understand your business process; your main flows and any deviations the business processes follow, and any exceptions to the standard flows.

Multi-dimensional analysis

Using classifications and scenarios, which can be entered manually or suggested by the machine learning algorithm, Gekkobrain FLOWS allows you to investigate root causes by using the FLOWS heatmaps, which correlate all dimensions on all documents in all selected processes to look for reasons for problems. E.g. to answer this question: “What’s the main reasons for paying certain (or many) invoices too late?


Using FLOWS for S/4HANA migration

The migration of your existing SAP ERP to S/4HANA requires deep understanding of your existing processes as you would like to map them to what S/4HANA has to offer and determine what process you may and may not want to migrate to S/4HANA.

Gekkobrain FLOWS is an excellent tool for this critical task as it makes it easy for you to map your existing processes to the SAP suggested S/4HANA standard business practice.

FLOWS also maps the custom objects to each process so that when it comes to custom code remediation, you precisely know which objects you need to remediate and which ones you can discard.

  • Visualization of all your business flows

  • Choose date range freely

  • Choose any starting point and any ending point freely e.g. Procure-to-Pay or Order-to-Cash

  • Compare good flows and bad flows

  • Automatic detection of variations and reasons for bad flows e.g. Why do we pay some invoices late?

  • Multidimensional analysis across business processes

  • Multi system and organization for comparison before system consolidation

  • Integrated to Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP

  • Integrated to Gekkobrain S/4HANA migration tools (link between processes and custom code)

Business Benefits:

  • Save time to understand and visualize your flows

  • Identify bottlenecks

  • Identity candidates for RPA

  • Optimize processes (e.g. increase percentage of Perfect POs)

  • Map process to logical solution components (for S/4HANA)

  • Map custom code to process and logical solution components (for S/4HANA)

  • Improve process performance and save money