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transformation journey

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Gekkobrain fits perfectly into your
S/4HANA transformation journey

Gekkobrain set of tools helps you throughout your SAP S/4HANA migration journey all the way from the initial assessment to deployment.

Gekkobrain helps you make the right choices along the way and saves you up to 70% of cost and several months of effort. More importantly, it saves you from the potential business disruptions by reducing the risk of sub-optimal migration.


Assessment & Remediation
Gekkobrain’s unique custom code assessment & remediation helps you identify the code you need to move to S/4HANA. It also remediates issues to be fixed for SAP HANA


System Consolidation
Gekkobrain’s automated business process discovery tool helps you visualize process variations across systems for better understanding of the current state to derive the for the future state of the system post-transformation


This is can be a tough call to make without knowing what is going on under the hood in your SAP system. Gekkobrain’s automated business process discovery tool shows you what is inside your SAP and helps you make the right choice


Continuous Improvement
Business process analysis and continuous monitoring of code for process and code performance optimization and improvements

Gekkobrain and cloud migration of your SAP systems


Lift and Shift
Optimize code for cloud operation for better performance and cost savings


Lift and Migrate
When you are doing SAP HANA migration, understand cost and time, minimize manual effort, and migrate with automation 


For S/4HANA transformation on cloud, understand cost, and time, assess system consolidation, and choose your migration path 

Regardless of the type of cloud migration you choose, Gekkobrain fits perfectly in the cloud strategy

Discover business processes using Gekkobrain


Gekkorain business process discovery tool Gekkobrain Flows helps you discover business processes as is in your SAP systems. It creates visualization of the main process and any and all deviations from the main business process flow. You can also compare process flows across various systems, locations, users etc. 

In the context of S/4HANA transformation, you can use the Gekkobrain Flows to decide between Greenfield/Brownfield S/4HANA transformation, custom code scoping by solution components, as well as it greatly eases the headaches associated with multiple system consolidations.

Drive better SAP ABAP performance with Gekkobrain Insights

Gekkobrain Insights provides better ABAP visibility by unifying SAP development and operations.

Gekkobrain provides actionable insight into how your SAP custom code is performing in production by applying proprietary algorithms on the collected development and operations statistics. You can leverage this insight to improve developers’ productivity, improve the performance of code, and reduce memory and CPU usage.  


Google Cloud partners with Gekkobrain
for its Cloud Acceleration Program


Gekkobrain is now available on SAP App Center

Case studies


Automate your code migration to S/4HANA using Gekkobrain

A utility company case study


An agriculture production company in Europe uses
Gekkobrain Flows

to merge multiple SAP systems before S/4HANA migration